Of Rods and Rock & Roll … and Things

Well, happy summer, GearHeads. As the world gradually comes alive again, bit by bit. Speaking of alive, it sure was that way coming up on press time, out at PIR. The Beaches Cruise In fired back up on the first Wednesday of July. And the hot rodders… they did come. They packed that raceway to capacity. And not forgetting the bikes, does anybody know the final count?

The barbecue pits and the food trucks were up and running. Fancy drinks were flowing from the cabanas and rock & roll was wafting through the air,  from the stage. It was cool that they started all this with the hottest rock band in the area, Hit Machine. I’ll say, it is dang hard to get even a single Hot Rodder around here to dance a step. Must be their credo or something. Any band that can, like this band can, gets kudos from this writer.

So now, we will all sashay on  over to this next subject. National Collector Car Day done come and gone second Friday in July. How did you all celebrate it? You know, that is our big national holiday that celebrates our heritage. Holidays are great but sometimes it’s time to get serious. I am happy to report that SEMA has been making some good progress with the RPM bill up on Capitol Hill.

There have been over 100 meetings in June and July covering numerous related issues. Over 60 SEMA member companies have joined in.

PRI has launched a membership program that will be tackling these issues. The Performance Racing Industry is just as it sounds. They are a powerhouse in the trade show and publishing arenas. We look forward to reporting on what they will be doing.

We are happy to report on some good news coming out of the US Circuit Court of Appeals. It is always good when common sense prevails over EPA idiots. They pushed a rule to keep E15 gasoline being sold year-round. Our guys pushed back and we prevailed. E15 will not be sold during the summer. Something that actually makes a lot of sense.

Would also like to mention that Hot Rod Magazine has combined with Motor Trend.com. We can only hope that this new partnership will lay an even more solid foundation for all of us.

Now, how about we take ourselves a little trip fantastic down to the bottoms of the deepest of seas. Someone has found that there is a whole bunch of big old rocks lying about in some of these areas. These rocks are prehistoric and through the centuries they have become coated with layers of rare earth metals. Just the same kinds that they need to make all of these batteries for all of these EV cars. Just the same kind of metals that are being mined in China. So there you have it. They say they will be using some kind of giant vacuum to simply suck them right up off the bottom!

How about some news from farther out? Perhaps we can call this quasi news. And when I say farther out, I really mean it. And we must have patience because it does take a while for telepathy to travel these distances. So we have established the SRL in the July issue. (You can find the older issues by going to the website and clicking on archive). We are expecting this new Space Racing League to be the most innovative as perhaps …  forever. And, for sure it will be the fastest of all time!

So we are finding quite a few species of aliens out there. Or races, if you will. Was trying to do a little play on words there … I know, it didn’t work. Yes, there is quite a variety out there. So word has it, er thoughts has it that there might be quite a few of them in the further out galaxies that are like, exhibitionists. So that is what I heard, uh … From a thought, so to speak.

So anyway, that might be good for us racers, right? I mean it sounds like they are more interested in exhibition racing as opposed to straight up competition. I mean who wants to straight up race a Tic Tic anyway? Anywho, we will be sure to keep you informed of any further messages coming in from farther out.

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