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Looks like we are definitely into Summer and cruisin’ is happenin’ all over the place. The first Wednesday of June marked the first Beaches Cruise In at PIR. it was a very cool day but still resulted in 1000 hot rods backing up a lot of good drag racing on the strip.

The second event arrived during a record-setting heat advisory for the valley. We decided to pick the bitchinest rod for the GearHeadsWorld blogsite.
Much continues to change in the world of transportation. Toyota had planned the introduction of five new electrified vehicles (EVs) by the year 2025. But it seems they got nervous and bumped that up to the year 2020. Quite a bump wouldn’t you say?

The other vehicle that has been receiving a lot of attention is the plug-in hybrid (PHEV). However much of that attention is proving out to be not so encouraging to the manufacturers.  The latest poll indicates the public is not accepting these kinds of vehicles. So we will see.

Now, as we mentioned in our last column, National Collector Car Day is now upon us. Let us take time to realize how much our contribution means to Congress down through the years. This holiday comes about by way of SEMA and their efforts working on legislation to keep our way of life—alive.
That’s all for now.

Chuck Fasst #GearHeadsWorld

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