FUNCTION 4 JUNCTION 2021: 4 the schools, 4 the community, 4 the children

The Function 4 Junction Show and Shine Car Show was on. It was my first car show in about a year and a half. The show was the largest one that I have gone to in a long time.

The show was in the downtown area of Junction City. The show was at one time held at the high school football field. When I say large I mean large! Let’s just say 6 blocks long and 2 blocks wide with cars parked on both sides of the streets, in the parking lots, and down the alleyways. There were also vendors in about every other parking lot.

I talked to Corrie Lucas, the president of Function 4 Junction. Corrie said this was one of the biggest Show and Shines ever, with over 600 cars.

When I enter a show I like to know, “where does the money go?” Corrie had no problem in answering that question. The entry payment goes to the community of Junction City to help with projects, for scholarships for students and also a donation to all the volunteers for whatever good causes they have. It’s good to know where the money goes. The downtown businesses are 100% on board for the show. Corrie said 2019 was the best year for the show. Then the Covid “Crap” hit and 2020 was canceled. I mean, not only the show, but everything was canceled.

Well, back to the showl My neighbor, Keith, asked if I would like to go to the show with him. Keith had pre-registered and was ready to go. Now this was a first for me, riding in a 1963 Cadillac Series 75! You know, the kind of car the mob would use back in the ‘60s. It was 20 feet of cruising smoothness, the nicest ride I have ever been in.

Getting to the show is half the fun. There was a wonderful variety of vehicles. You name it, it was probably there-show cars, rat rods, daily drivers, drag cars, modern muscle cars, pick-ups, as well as traditional hot rods, vintage original cars and trucks, sports cars and many more. Speaking of sports cars, another first for me was a mid-engine Corvette. It was beautiful. There was even a three foot statue of “Rat Fink”. Next to Rat Fink there was a go-kart sized red Radio Flyer Wagon. On the other side of Rat Fink was a gas powered, go-kart sized 1953 Lusse Autoskooter Bumper Car.

Down one of the side streets in one of the parking lots was what I call Mopar Corner where at least 12 of the most beautiful modern muscle mopars. Then there was Mr. and Mrs. Chevelle, Jeff and Debra McLaughlin. Mr. Chevelle, Jeff, had a ‘68 coupe. Mrs. Chevelle, Debra, had a ‘68 convertible. Both had big block engines, yellow paint with black trim; so cool. An award winning 1970 red Mustang fastback was there to see. It had a V8 engine with fuel injection and was owned by Dave and Traci Smith of Springfield. Tucked back in one of the alleys was one of the coolest engines I have ever seen. It was a 1965 Chevelle drag car with a full roll cage, huge slicks and a V8 engine with twin turbos and exhaust coming up and out of the engine compartment.

I always go for the unique cars. How about a ‘30s Rat Rod pick up with a beautiful Hemi engine. On the other end of the spectrum was a unique vintage three wheel Morgan, engine and two wheels in the front and one wheel in the rear with front wheel drive.

With a lot of different cars and trucks there were quite a few drag race cars. One race car, not a drag car, caught my eye. It was a 2001 Subaru 2.5 RS Impreza Rally Car that was street legal, but it had a full roll cage, and custom suspension. It could race on dirt and pavement, up the roads and through the forests. The rally car is owned and raced by Richard and Laura Nile. Richard is the driver and Laura is the navigator who directs him through a headset communication system. She tells him to go left, right or straight. They race on the Oregon Trail Rally at PIR and up the Columbia Gorge.

To be honest with you, I was overwhelmed by all the neat cars there. Besides the cars, one thing I noticed was all the different car shirts, car hats and club jackets. Also in abundance were the families, folks that brought their children to this event. Very family focused all around.

The show and shine was over at about 4:00 that afternoon. Later Saturday evening was the big cruise through the streets of downtown Junction City. Corrie Lucas said they expected 800-1000 cars for the cruise!

So, after a year of no shows or cruises because of Covid “Crap” it was great to see and hear the Function 4 Junction was back again. Can’t wait for next year!

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