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The year is 1948 and B.F. Goodrich has just introduced the first tubeless tire to the American Highway. Land introduces the Polaroid camera for instant photographs and the first microwave oven is introduced by Raytheon. The big news of the year was a little boy was born in Seattle Washington to the Emery family and his name would be Pete J. Emery. His formative years were spent in Everett Washington where he attended grade school and then on to Cascade high school where of all things they had an excellent auto shop class for young enthusiasts.

Pete didn’t bother as he had his own private Auto Shop class in his own back yard. That, being in the form of a fantastic uncle named Stan Baker. Thanks to Uncle Stan, the love for street rods and custom cars, seed was planted in young Pete and we at R&R NW Publications are excited to bring you six of the forty five plus cars Mr. Emery has created in the past sixty-seven years.


1932 Ford Roadster sporting a 383 ci Chevy for power with a 671 blower and dual 4’s on the intake. A 350 turbo tranny and a 9” Ford rear-end. She wears an orange pearl color on the top half of the body with a pearl black on the bottom and introducing some flamed out super colorful graphics in the middle, created by Mitch Kim and Richard Pruitt.


1936 Ford 3 Window Coupe. This all steel, all real, pretty much stock body runs a ‘48 Ford Flathead for power with dual 97’s.  A three on the floor tranny for fun with a ’40 Ford rear-end. She sports a 2 ½” chop-Job on the top and that rear back window still rolls down. A super set of Smitty glass packs makes this ride sound and look classic old school.


1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe just freshly built running a 350 Chevy for power with dual fours and a 350 turbo tranny. Sporting a ’38 Ford old school banjo rear-end. This is a show street rod that comes alive with power windows, power trunk and door locks and A/C for a comfortable ride. She wears that black paint with style sporting a quality stitched red interior. The one piece custom hood and the fuel cell upfront, really turns some heads on this classic fender-less beauty.


1967 Cobra Super-Formance Body. She sports a 406 ci 580 h/p for power and a 5 speed on the floor tranny. Radiant Cobra Blue color with white comp stripes really shows this clean and neat ride off with style.


1928 Ford Model “A” P.U. She hauls with a 305 ci Chevy for power, 350 turbo tranny, and a 9” Ford rear-end. This original all steel body features a one off louvered firewall by Bitchin Products and an all steel box and fenders from Brookville Inc.  Flat red on the body and flat black on the fenders create another fantastic ride from the house of Emery.


1936 Ford Phaeton all steel all custom 2 ½” sectioned body, 2” chopped custom one piece Carson top with Mercedes fabric. For power a 427 ci Ford with Kenslor Stack Injection and a Ford AOD tranny. She sports a Winters Quick-Change rear-end and a C-5 Corvette suspension and brakes. A world class delicious black paint job on a flawless straight body and see-n is believ-n with the Camel Leather Interior by Gabe Lopez. The Halibrand Wheels, on all four corners top this world class number one custom car and custom street rod off with style in any company.  She has earned her share of first place trophies from coast to coast where-ever she shows.


Pete has a quality history of working with his hands and building not only world class street rods and custom cars, he has a history of creating some world class building material products. He also has over the years designed, developed, manufactured and marketed some of the finest skylight fixtures for both residential as well as commercial applications in the industry today.

I’m not surprised after knowing of his high standards in the building trades that he would design and create some of the finest custom show cars in the world. He is the first to admit his life really started all over again back in 1978 when he met a young lady in Milwaukie, Oregon by the name of Janet Forman. It took some selling on his part but by 1981 they were married and for the past 34 years they have enjoyed raising a combined total of three fantastic kids into adulthood and are now blessed with six super fantastic Grandchildren.

They make their home in Happy Valley Oregon where Pete has created a six car working garage and is in the process of another body off custom build as we speak. Pete agreed to our interview and the sharing of their story as long as we remembered the individuals, who along the way, played some big roles in the building of all these custom creations. First, Uncle Stan Baker, Dick Pruitt, Mitch Kim, Daryl Schroeder, Al Swedberg, Gabe Lopez and especially to Janet and the Family.

We at R&R NW Publications would like to thank Pete and Janet for sharing their fantastic story with us and our thousands of readers in the Pacific Northwest. “All for the Love of Street Rods and Custom Cars.”

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