After leaving the corporate world in 2013 and being a life-long self-avowed car ‘Nut’ I was looking for something to occupy my time and have some fun with. My Cousin Jerry Hutchcroft has been publishing Roddin’ & Racin’ in Phoenix Arizona for about 25 years now and he has tried for years to get me to do it here in the Northwest.

I toyed with the idea for several years but just couldn’t bring myself to take the leap. Once I wasn’t working a job I began to consider the possibility in earnest. I like writing and going to all kinds of car functions on a regular basis anyway so. . . I made the decision to learn more and move toward actually publishing a paper.

Using Jerry and Donna’s paper as a template and with their help, a lot of help, and their blessing I took the leap. Roddin’ & Racin’ NorthWest’s first edition hit the streets the last week of June 2013 with the July 2013 issue. It has been a steep learning curve and it actually seems to get steeper as time goes by.

With the help and ingenuity of Brandon Chorum we created this web site. It’s in its infant stages of course so I hope it gets better as time goes by, like I hope our paper does too. Like the paper it is a work in progress so please bear with us as we learn and grow.

Our mission for Roddin’ & Racin’ NorthWest is to promote the car hobby throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our efforts include spotlighting the businesses that make their living supporting the car hobby. It might include fabulously restored priceless antiques, hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, daily drivers of old, unique marques and maybe just the old car that’s been in your family for forty or fifty years.

We hope you enjoy what we do and if you do or don’t, we’d like to hear from you either way. You can contact us through this website or via our email address; roddinracinnw@gmail.com. And remember, you’ve gotta Drive ‘em! Ed.