Shall We Jump Right Into Summer?

It’s summertime and the fish are jumpin’ your daddy’s rich and your mama’s good lookin’….
Uh sorry, I may have gotten carried away with a melody there. Indeed summer should be in full swing by the time you guys are reading this. Lots is happening from here to there.

Hopefully things will ease up on Ed the editor who had to jump in to much of the distribution of this publication due to all the pandemic lockdowns. Speaking of distribution, I would like to give a shout out to a few of the newer outlets up on the side of the mountain: Zigzag inn, Barlow Trail, Brightwood Tavern, Whistle Stop Bar & Grill, Mount Hood Tire and Mount Hood RV Resort.
With any luck, some of you may be reading this while kicking back nearby a cabana at the Beaches Cruise In at PIR, the first Wednesday in July. There is one caveat however. At press time, they are short on help. We will have to see how all of that shakes out. We are seeing other events starting to pop off. However, it has been difficult for those of us who plan events, due to this covid trap. Maybe now would be a good time to say a few things about our illustrious leaders. Naw, I am still a bit too hot under the collar.

We formerly announced the crash of the Sick  Seconds 2.0 ’69 Camaro at an NHRA meet. Now we are getting word of Tom Bailey’s newest ride. He plans to introduce a ’55 Nomad at Drag Week. This comes as news of his chief competitor, Jeff Lutz wrecking his ’57 Chevy while filming for Discovery Channel. Bailey’s Sick Seconds 1.0 Camaro sits ready to go, however. Then he allowed Cletus McFarland of YouTube fame to take it down track for a full pass!

Also, kudos to Cletus for covering the RPM Act on his YouTube channel where he has jillions of followers. Coverage like that is absolutely needed and here is why: PFI Speed is a small shop with a YouTube channel. They are involved in such things as power adders and dyno tuning along with an online sales department. They just put out a video asking for help. They are the latest to be singled out by the federal gangsters who masquerade as DES enforcers. They sold a few power adder devices online that work with the ECU on certain cars. The feds tracked them down and laid a big fine on them. They have been given 30 days to figure out how to deal with this penalty which could add up to $18K. They are asking for any legal help or any industry knowledge that can help. By the time you read this, their time will be about up!

One Way we can all help is by getting over to and quickly fill out that form for the RPM Act. We are hearing that it has been doing well.  There are factions within the Fed that would destroy our industry. This is no different from many other programs that have grown so big such as the DUI mega industry, where they have completely lost track of the original goal of safety and caved in to big money, big power, corruption and propaganda. I have said it before and I will say it again – this is one of the many things we will have to stand up for to keep them from eventually enslaving us all!

Like the proprietors at PFI speed said, “This feels like a mob shakedown.”

Now, let’s get on with more sordid news. We are all aware of the effect this covid conspiracy has had on our industry as well as everywhere around the world. Notice I am not using the cliche ‘conspiracy theory.’  This is no theory. I want to relay some facts.
There is a lot of good scientific information out there that is being shut out by our great white saviors with their relentless censorship and propaganda. There are a lot of ways we all have been done bad wrong. Sooner or later, the word has to get out there. It has to. They lay these life saving vaccines on us. Vaccines that, by the way are enriching there big pharma partners beyond any of our wildest dreams. Isn’t it odd how the rich get richer and richer through every disaster as the rest of us get hurt more and more?

Their lips move and out come all the lies. Oh sure, these vaccines are perfectly safe. Let’s start up some gambling lotteries or pot smoking, like Jabs for Joints. All things we could have been arrested for before. Let’s hold out some mythical number that we must all achieve before we can go back to whatever normal might have once been. Lets allow all kinds of establishments across the Nation to make up their own covid rules and check passports and IDs. Who needs cops when we can get businesses all across America to enforce covid rules for free!

Meanwhile news continues to come out about the vaccine deaths. The Nanny Narrative continues to play it down. They tell us to don’t worry, our vaccines are perfectly safe. The deaths are negligible. But as the real numbers continue to be crunched, some are coming up with drastically different results. Results that are leading to the halt of vaccines in some areas. Record numbers could be coming. In the end, who will be the ones to step up and apologize for all the needless deaths and destruction? Who will be the ones to be prosecuted?

There is a drug out there called Ivermectin. Have you heard of it? Results have already come in from several countries about the incredible efficacy of this drug. This drug was developed a long time ago for other medical purposes. It has been proven to be clear of most side effects for many years. The patents have run out. Ivermectin is readily available to all of us cheap. Do you have any idea of the final cost of every current vaccination? It is way, way up there!

The last clinical trial showed Ivermectin to be 100% effective. It is highly effective in the prevention as well as the treatment of the covid! How many lives could have been and still could be saved by this drug? And no covid passport needed. And yet our illustrious overlords completely block out any mention of this in the mainstream media. What this drug would do to their big pharma buddies! All those profits….

The doctors and scientists who are speaking out about this are being intimidated, defamed, de-monetized, de- platformed online. They are being blocked in every way possible. They are being ridiculed. Some put their careers at risk just by speaking out.
Sorry but this needs to be said. This government does not represent us — It rules us …. or it wants to. Are we going to let it?
Now, we move on to the UAPs. In the last column, we opened up that can of worms. We were informed about the Pentagon report that  will be forthcoming. One would expect that by the time you are reading this, the report should be out there, if we can count on them to stand by their word? It should be June 25th. How much truth will we get after decades of lies?

What can we expect the war mongers to say about their threat scenario? Here’s what I think needs to be done. These ETS have been playing around with us for who knows how long. They haven’t blown us up yet. I think they are mischievous and like to have fun. I mean look at the goings on at Skinwalkers Ranch!

It could very well be that they might be competitive. I say let’s not compete with them with bombs and rockets as some might have us do. Nope, this is a Time for the rodders and racers to step up to the plate. Let’s introduce the ETs to ets. Yep, I’m talking quarter mile. Let’s get some of these Tic Tacs onto an autocross track. They don’t seem to make much smoke. Maybe we can take them in a burnout contest? Could be fun.

So at this time, I am officially forming the SRL (Space Racing League). Yes, to hell with all of those stuffed shirts. We can do this. We all will need to think hard on this. It is a consciousness sort of a thing. If we think to them hard enough, they will come.
Furthermore, I think Danica Patrick would make a good president of the league. Danica has a YouTube channel now and based on one of her recent interviews on the subject of extraterrestrials, I think she would make a great spokesman for us. I also learned that she is not real big on narcissists. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could clean all of them out of their hidey holes. There certainly would not be much left of Congress or big business! Oh well, I guess that would be another story.Be good GearHeads.

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