RPM Act Update

Hopefully if you are a Motorsports enthusiast you are well aware of the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016 , HR- 4715. This act introduced by US Representative Patrick McHenry (R- NC) is the flagship for our battle against the EPA’s attempt to keep us from modifying and racing modern cars.

In an age where monolithic mega-corporations are jumping into the car building business—including many unlikely ones like Google, we must be ever more vigilant. We now have massive corporations joining together in Partnerships to produce autonomous cars.

The most of us are aware of the man who loved his Tesla sports car and was cut in half when it drove itself underneath a big truck. In the future our government will be attempting to force these kinds of cars on all of us, effectively wresting from us the ability to even control our own cars as they drive down the street.

Consider this additional complication now showing up in our Millennials. We have a generation of humans that are gradually losing their grip strength because they do not do much more with their hands than hold a cellphone. It could be that in the future they will not even have enough strength to wrap their hands around the steering wheel. Can you imagine that?
The RPM Act is but one battle in the war against the EPA’s ever-increasing power grabs. If we win this one , you can be assured that the EPA will turn around and hit us from another direction. It is more important than ever that we all remain informed as we move on into our future.

Let me quote Eric Snyder from SEMA. “The unforeseen effects of the EPA’s position is a decline in track revenues which means less money to put back into improving amenities and safety. There will be reduced revenues for the surrounding communities including restaurants hotels and stations, gas stations and supermarkets.”

“… Companies that produce, sell and install Racing Parts and Equipment would be particularly hard hit by the EPA’s policy change which will result in Racing Products disappearing from the shelves of retailers and installers who are no longer willing to perform race vehicle modifications.”

To quote SEMA, “US Representative Richard Hudson (R- NC) is a racing fan and a passionate advocate for those who need the RPM Act to become law in order to provide certainty to their businesses.”

Representative Hudson says, “The EPA’s position on race modifications threatens the livelihood of folks all across the country… Even if I didn’t represent a whole lot of racing enthusiasts I would be outraged by the ridiculous government overreach.”

So GearHeads, if you have not yet gone over to SEMA.com and provided your information to send a letter to your Congress people, you should do so now. It’s on you. SEMA has made it easy for you. It will take all of a minute for you to fill in your information and they will do the hard part, sending letters off to your representatives for you. Okay?

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