Pedal Cars “Helping Kids”


The MHRC / The 59th Portland Roadster Show is up to helping kids again. They have 22 beautifully painted custom wagons that are already to be gifted to Children from the Cancer Fighting Hospital Wards around Portland and these custom painted donated wagons are guaranteed to brighten their days. In conjunction with the wagons the 2015 Portland Roadster show will also be auctioning off 13 custom crafted and custom painted Kids Pedal Cars. 100% of the funds raised at the auction will be equally divided to the participating high schools in this year’s program. Over $5200 dollars was raised last year and this year’s program will feature almost twice as many brand new donated customized pedal cars in all shapes and colors. This year’s Portland Roaster Show is March 20-22 at the Portland Ex-Po center.


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