It’s Quiz Time Again


OK What do you get when you Add 56 + 15 + 51 + 55 ???

If you totaled up to 177 you’re in the money . Now the story goes you never and I underline the word never want to get yourself indebted to a little brother who can call-in that high interest debt payment due at any time. The year is 1956 and I was in my 15th year operating a 51 Ford two door sedan dark mint green in color, Cruzing the Gut on old Sprauge Ave. (Hwy #10) in the beautiful Spokane Valley. We used to call it the land of Opportunity. Well the second thing you never want to do is pay that high interest due debt with the keys to your 51 Ford and your Washington State Driver’s License to your little 15 year old brother. (no operators picture required back in 1956) Now I was a cool kid and could pass for sixteen or even seventeen if needed and because I immolated most everything my two older brothers did , I naturally started shaving at around ten. Needless to say by fifteen I already had a pretty good beard coming in and with my five a clock shadow I convinced Richard to pay up his due debt by letting me use his car just one more time and of course I would be more than careful with his 51 baby!!! His baby was running a fantastic flathead with a three pot intake holding three Stromberg 97’s with progressive linkage and dual-point Mallory ignition. That flathead had the coolest most fantastic sounding pipes of any car at the High School and could really get up and burned some rubber. I of course always brought his Baby home with a full tank of petro and even topped off the oil stick when needed. Well back to Cruzing the Gut some how that crazy green 51 Ford 2 dr coupe must have got that new linkage on the gas peddle stuck as before I knew it she was doing 55mph in a 35mph speed trap zone and there sat one of Washington’s finest on a fancy new Motorcycle and of course he had to turn on the red lights and make a big production out of pulling me over. Well remember when I cautioned you not to pay that debt due with that Drivers License etc. etc. etc. now you know why little brother Bob didn’t get a ticket but big brother Richard got burned big time. The year is 1956 at 15 years of age , operating a delicious 51 Ford, doing a moderate 55mph ….OUCH ! I guess the moral of this story is you just don’t let a ten year old kid start shaving that young !!!

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