Hot Rodders Keep on Keepin’ On

As we attempt to navigate our way through  2020 it has been a tough time for all. It has certainly hit the Motorsports industry hard and continues to do so. As we have previously mentioned even the SEMA show canceled. In lieu of that they have developed the SEMA 360 which will be an entire virtual show. I dunno, there is nothing like the SEMA show up close and personal.

In the midst of a pandemic most of the larger Motorsport shows have been shut down – but not all. I mean let’s face it, unlike other major sports, Motorsports has always been about participation. When it comes to hot rodding, that is especially so. Hot rodding has always been about high spirited American Patriots getting together and sharing their motoring experiences and innovations. And then, well there might be some competition.

This writer took a peek at what the Good Guys were up to. He didn’t have to look far to see their latest innovation. I must say that when I look at what these guys do it kind of reminds me of the reason behind why Congress set aside that special holiday for all of us. It comes around on the second Friday of July every year. National Collector Car Appreciation Day. Hopefully most of you know this.

Congress recognizes all of us who have kept the spirit of the automobile alive throughout the past century. It was those of us who brought the fun of the automobile into the world. And we certainly deserve recognition for that.

And this writer will say that the Good Guys have been good at that sort of thing for quite a few years. They bring the fun and good times into the American automobile. Once upon a time, this writer was running the Women of Motorsports modeling team. And he has never forgotten how the Meadors family welcomed us with open arms. Because it was not always that way for us.

So, this brings me to the good old American Drive-In Cruise that they recently did. Judging from all the pics that were available on their site, It looks like a lot of hot rodders had a rocking good time. Evidently, they set the limit at 400 cars. Imagine a drive-in movie theater filled up with 400 hot rods. Nothing like putting on an event that is Covid correct and socially distanced … and Bitchin’.

In other news, it has been a different kind of year for NHRA. It seems that they are suing Coca-Cola over their Mellow Yellow series. It seems that Coke pulled out on them mid-series. Remaining October races are unsure.

Then we have NASCAR changing up their schedule for next season. They are going to run their Indy race along with the Indy Cars on the same weekend. Then they have scheduled the Bristol race to be run on dirt!

Special Vehicle Engineering has introduced their 2021 Yenko/SC Stage II Camaro. Only 50 copies will be available of this 1050 HP beast. And it looks like Ford is making available 2021 Mustang Bodies in White that include NHRA legal cages.

Now let’s wrap this up with news from the electrical vehicle world. We can’t forget them, cuz they won’t let us. It looks like the Lucid EV has recently run a 9.24 ET. Yup, that’s way fast for a factory production street car. Also, lately the Lucid and the Tesla “Plaid” have been in hot competition at the Laguna Seca Raceway. When last checked, Tesla was in the lead on that one. And that’s that.
’nuff said,Chuck Fasst  #GearHeadsWorld

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