Our Automotive Hobby Working Together

On the morning of November 13th, I received an Instant Message through my PDXCarCulture Facebook page from Tracey Boston. He asked if I could post something about a possible lost item that a friend of his had found. His friend apparently works for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), and had found what appeared to be a unique and possible rare hubcap along Hwy 26. From the photos, and some research from both Tracey and me, it appeared the hubcap was from a Wolseley. Wolseley was a British motor vehicle company founded in 1901 that manufactured a variety of vehicles under a variety of owners. I created a post along with a photo that Tracey provided asking if anyone out in FB land recognized, or knew of someone who may have lost a hubcap.

Almost immediately, I received a response from Nicholas Coker, who is a member of the Oregon Mini Society. He said that he was going to reach out to his group and see if anyone had lost, or knew of someone who had lost the hubcap. He got back to me that evening, saying he had found the owner! Amazingly, the owner had just gotten his car back on the road after hitting a deer, and apparently had lost the hubcap on a drive.

I passed on the information on the possible owner to Tracey, who forwarded to his friend at ODOT. Saturday morning I received a note from Nicholas saying the hubcap was home! In just over 24 hours, the power of our hobby, and the spirit of our automotive community came together and accomplished something kind of cool.

So in these strange times, and when we haven’t gotten to see one another for many months, just remember that we still have the power to reach out and the power to communicate. As I often say, “we may be in the same storm, but we aren’t all in the same boat.” Reach out to your car friends, and make new ones by taking that extra step.
Happy Holidays!

2020 Salem Roadster Show & Salem Unique Street & Car Culture Show

For the second year in a row, the Salem Roadster Show saw record crowds, and along with attendees being treated to the Best of the Best, they also got a second show to attend, and the opportunity to see 5 amazing and diverse vehicles compete for the inaugural Pacific NW Emerald Award.

Matt Ward of Grants Pass took home the amazing eagle sculpture trophy and a check for $1500, with his candy apple red 1964 Chevy C10 pickup. The multi-faceted voting structure of the award came down to one point between the top two competitors, with only Wards vehicle being identified as the awards winner. Sponsors of the award: Weston KIA/Buick/GMC, Precision Body & Paint, Roddin & Racin Magazine, Better Car Shows, The Insurance Garage, PDX CarCulture, The Salem Roadster Show, Amazing Creations, along with five randomly selected exhibitors, five randomly selected attendee to the show, and a professional car show judge were all given ballots to rank the five contenders from 1 to 5. Those scores were then tallied, and the lowest point total took home the award. When the award was presented, Ward shared how the build was in memory of his Son Bobby who had passed away. Even the show promoters Bob Symon and Greg Roach did not know the winner until the envelope was handed to them to open. It was a touching moment, and the other four contenders all embraced Matt’s win.

During the award ceremony, Bob and Greg also made two significant charitable donations to two worthy charities in attendance. Vince Castronovo with Wake the World Oregon was the first recipient. Wake the World takes kids in foster programs, or who have a parent that is incarcerated, out to local lakes for a day of fun on the water. The impact of what they do is tremendous, and Vince was humbled to receive the donation. The other donation was presented in a unique way. DJ for the show Russ Strohmeyer was called up to read the next charitable organization, only to learn that it was his own Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Foundation that provides scholarships to young people with average grades in school, in an attempt to give them the opportunity for a college education. The foundation is named after his Son Brent who was an active car kid that was killed in a car accident.

Once again attendees were treated to a whole new batch of 100+ cars in the Jackman Long Bldg, has it was completely packed. The comments on social media after the show were all in appreciation of being able to go to a show and not see the same cars over and over again, and for the quality of the vehicles. Kudos to Bob and Greg for making their annual trek up and down the west coast in search of new cars to be the Best of the Best.

Next door in the Columbia Building was a whole new show! The Salem Unique Street and Car Culture Show was a huge hit, and had exhibitors leaving with a big smile on their faces, and the attendees were happy with the opportunity to see vehicles that they normally would not see in an indoor show. Presenting Sponsors Carolina Kustoms and Stereo King both had great displays highlighting what products and services they had to offer. Both said they would love to do it again. Carolina Kustoms unveiled their latest build, a really cool second generation Nova named Root of All Evil, along with a first gen Nova convertible that highlighted the quality and type of work they are capable of offering their clients. Stereo King had just about everything you could install in a vehicle for audio, security, and even remote vehicle starting. They have a really cool Viper and Dan Coburn’s Impala in their display, showing off the work they have done on each vehicle.

The show had everything for everyone. From RacinTuners, lowriders, rat rods, classics, modern muscle, motorcycles and even an electric bicycle from Lux Performance. One of the surprises of the show was the presentation of the Vintage Air “Young Builder Award” to a young lady with a white Mazda RX-7. Vintage Air Dealer Dave’s Car Stuff explained that it was a new award given to someone 23 or younger, and will be given out around the country. Dave through the Salem Roadster Show was fortunate enough to be the first in the nation to present it.

Thanks to the local clubs that were represented in the show, and helping to bring that unique mix of rigs; Pacific Style, Columbia River Camaro’s, the Uniques Car Club of Oregon, the Outbreak Car Club, The Impala’s of Portland and Oregon Coast, Devin Hoskings from the Red Door Meet, and all of their friends that came to support them.
Bob and Greg would like to thank all of the sponsors, vendors, exhibitors and attendees. It’s really impressive how they still seem able to top each previous year’s show. Be on the lookout for info on next year’s show at www.salem-roadstershow.com. And be sure to check out the You Tube channel of Rides Done Right for upcoming videos and interviews from the show. You can also find photo galleries of both shows on www.pdxcarculture.com.

14th Annual Salem Roadster Show “The Best of the Best”

March 7th & 8th, the Oregon State Fairgrounds will play host to “The Best of the Best”, with the 14th Annual Salem Roadster Show. 100+ of the best classics; hot rods, street rods and customs will be on display, and as it has been for the previous 13 years, they will be showing for the first time in Salem.

Owners/Promoters Bob Symons and Greg Roach attend cars shows from British Columbia to Reno each year, personally inviting the best of the best to attend, and everyone leaves with an outstanding Salem Roadster Show “Show Award Winner” embroidered jacket. The unique non-judged format of this show, allows the entrants to share their great vehicles with the general public, without the stress of dealing with the formalities of having the car judged. And as you have probably seen throughout the car show world, the Salem Roadster Show jackets (along with honor of the personal invite) are a sought after prize, and beat the heck out of a dust collecting trophy.

With record breaking attendance (up over 30% in 2019), the Salem Roadster Show has proven that it’s one not to miss each year. With a great vendor mix, and great music by Russ Strohmeyer, there’s always a lot to see and do. But that didn’t stop Bob and Greg from looking for other ways to attract more guests, and even higher end builds.

An exciting new feature at this year’s show will be the presentation of the first “Pacific Northwest Emerald Award.” Five of the special invite vehicles will vie for an amazing trophy crafted by Scott Adams of Amazing Creations. The trophy which stands better than 2 feet tall features an amazing eagle sculpture sitting on a crafted wooden pedestal and base. There will be two of the awards, one going home with the lucky car owner (along with a large cash prize), and the other will be a perpetual award with the winners name added each year, that will be displayed at the various award sponsors place of business. Scott of Amazing Creations, a craftsman specializing in custom RV remodeling, couldn’t resist the opportunity to be on board and wanted to build something very special and memorable for this award. This year’s Emerald Award Sponsors include Precision Auto Body & Paint, Weston KIA/Buick/GMC, The Insurance Garage, PDX CarCulture.Com, Better Car Shows (Medford Rod & Custom Show), Amazing Creations, and Roddin’ & Racin’ Magazine.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Bob and Greg are adding a whole new element to the Salem Roadster Show with the Salem Unique Street and Car Culture Show, taking place in the Columbia Hall right next to the Jackman Long Building. Your $13.00 admission fee, gets you into both great shows! So start out your 2020 car show season with something for every car lover, and the entire family at the Salem Roadster Show, “the Best of the Best.” For more information visit www.salem-roadstershow.com

Inaugural Salem Unique Street & Car Culture Show

Salem Roadster Show Owners/Promoters Bob Symons and Greg Roach were looking for a way to reach out to other segments of the car culture, and what it would take to bring them to an indoor car show. Something that would attract segments of the hobby that build and love their modern muscle cars, tuners, mini and full size trucks, racers, rat rods, and anything else that motor heads were passionate about.

So they reached out to Lonnie Thompson from Carolina Kustoms, and David Jothen, Owner/Publisher of PDXCarCulture.Com and PRS Hall of Famer. Lonnie who along with the Carolina Kustoms team has become nationally known for their truck builds, including the amazing 2018 SEMA Best Truck Winning 40 Ford pickup known as 40 Shades, brings a unique prospective to the hobby and show, that is far more in touch with the younger crowd than most. The first people Lonnie reached out to were the folks from Stereo King, who along with Carolina Kustoms will be the presenting Sponsors of the inaugural Salem Unique Street & Car Culture Show. David immediately began the marketing campaign and reached out to a variety of car groups both formal and informal. Throwing out the challenge for them to select the “Best of the Best” of what they bring to the hobby. “It can be a street car, but it has to be something worth paying money to see. Not just something with a wheel swap and a model of the car on the air cleaner”, Jothen shared. So far the response has been amazing, with even some of the old hot rodders inquiring about participating with some unique builds that they have, or are working on.

The goal behind the show is to reach some folks who may not normally come to an indoor car show. There is a pretty solid group that attend each show annually, but how do you reach those who either are on the fence, or don’t bother, because they aren’t interested in the type of cars that are normally shown? You do that by giving them what they want to see, cars that they can relate too. Cars that are modified versions of what they are currently driving, or would like to. So what you will see at this show is some really cool street modified versions of modern muscle cars like Camaro’s, Mustang’s, and Mopars. You will see what the younger crowd is doing with some amazing import cars, referred to as Tuners. The modifications and horsepower that they are putting on the street is mind blowing, along with use of LED lighting and audio. You will see a variety of trucks like you’ve never seen before. From slammed minis and full size trucks, to one’s that you could almost walk under. And don’t forget the Rat Rod’s and traditional hot rods.

Somebody else’s rust, matte finish and spare parts, made into someone else’s imaginative build. And anything else that’s a part of this great hobby called cars that we all love.

Like the Salem Roadster Show, this will be a non-judged event, but the participants will have the option to choose between a button up work shirt, or jacket with the Unique Street & Car Culture Show logo on the back.

This show will offer something for everyone, and hopefully will become a can’t miss show like its partner the Salem Roadster Show. For more information, you can email HYPERLINK
mailto:info@carolinakustoms.com” info@carolinakustoms.com or pdxcarculture@gmail.com.

13th Annual Salem Roadster Show

The 13th Annual Salem Roadster Show is in the books; with record attendance, a bunch of happy exhibitor’s, and over $5,800 raised for the Corporal Ronil Singh Memorial Fund.

Attendees were treated to a new batch of vehicles again this year. Show Promoters Bob Symon and Greg Roach attend shows from British Columbia to Nevada, only inviting the “Best of the Best” to show one time in Salem.

This unique format show has no judging, but each exhibitor leaves with a beautiful jacket with Salem Roadster Show Award Winner embroidered across the back. These jackets have become very sought after in the hobby, and you see a lot of folks wearing them proudly at other shows and events.

One of the highlights of the show was the first Pacific NW appearance of an amazing 1940 Ford Pickup called 40 Shades, built in part by the team of show presenting sponsor Carolina Kustoms in Portland. Owners Chris and Angela Church were fresh off a Best in Class win at the Grand National Roadster Show, and a Best Truck at SEMA in Las Vegas, and headed off to Texas after the show for a run through many of the Goodguys events. There’s not much on this truck that has not been either massaged or hand built, and the hours, dollars, and dedication really show.

Trucks continued to show their growth in popularity, making up almost a quarter of the vehicles on display. One of those being an amazing 1958 Dodge D100 Sweptside Pickup. Less than 3000 of these trucks with 2 door station wagon quarter panels affixed to the box sides after the fenders were removed, were built over the 3 year period of production, and less than 900 were built in 1958. And for those who looked in the cab, you saw what just may have been the first radio in an overhead console, along with other unique options.

Along with displays from Presenting Sponsors Precision Auto Body & Paint, Weston Kia/Buick/GMC, Carolina Kustoms, and The Insurance Garage, there were enough vehicles and vendors to keep attendees of all kinds interested in the show.

One of the great aspects of this year’s show, was the fundraising effort for the Corporal Ronil Singh Memorial Fund. Corporal Singh was killed in the line of duty December 26th in Newman, CA, leaving behind a wife and 5 month old son. Exhibitors and sponsors donated items that could be purchased at the show, or were raffled off at the exhibitor’s dinner, with all proceeds going to the fund. Over $5,800 was raised, and along with an amazing handmade quilt from exhibitor Susan Ainsworth-Smith, will be sent to the fund for distribution to Singh’s family.

Show Promoters Bob and Greg would like to thank all of the sponsors, vendors, exhibitors, and attendees for making this year’s show their best ever. Work is already taking place for next year’s show, and they promise some new attractions, and an even bigger show for all to see. You can check out an entire photo gallery of the show at www.pdxcarculture.com or their website at www.salem-roadstershow.com.

62nd Annual Portland Roadster Show a Big Hit

The 62nd Portland Roadster Show wrapped up March 18th, with record crowds and many happy exhibitors. Once again the PRS awarded more trophies and cash awards than any International Show Car Association (ISCA) show in the country.

Dave Kindig and KevDogg from Kindig-It Designs were back with their impressive trailer and three of their newest builds. The 1958 Lincoln Continental that Kindig-It built for Tad and Sue Leach of Idaho took home the Grand Sweepstakes Trophy for Best in Show and a $10,000 check. They also brought along the 57 Corvette they had built for Charity Kindig’s parents, and it took home a Best in Class. The 66 Nova they brought took home a second in class.

Also back was the PRS’s number one Ambassador and one of the Kings’ of Kustoms, John D’Agostino. John was key in bringing some great cars up from California, including Cliff Mattis’s 41 Buick name Dillinger, which took home the King of Customs award and a $3000 prize.

There was an amazing three car turntable display in Hall C, which featured the 1940 Ford Coupe of Dennis Holt from Spokane Valley. The beautiful black coupe took home the World Cup of Hot Rodding Award and a $5000 prize.

For the kids, the Optimus Prime semi truck from the Transformer movies was on display along with its arch nemesis Galvatron, and the wrecker as well. Limited Edition posters and stickers were given out to luck kids in attendance.

The PRS Hall of Fame also inducted the 55 Ford F100 Truck known as Down n’ Dirty of John & Tracielyn Rydzewski. The truck originally showed in the 2001 PRS and has been built almost entirely by John and his friends from Pacific Styles and Lo Limit Accessories. The truck was just returning from Chicago and the ISCA Finals where they took home an amazing Second Place Truck, and a Top Twenty for the entire show! Welcome to John & Tracielyn and their amazing truck.

The Portland Roadster Show is owned and produced by the Multnomah Hot Rod Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. It’s the only show of its kind that is managed and staffed entirely by volunteers. Co-Producers Duane Caseday and David Jothen can’t say enough wonderful things about all of their great volunteers, and the member clubs of the MHRC. They have already begun the planning for their 63rd annual show, and exhibitor, vendor and sponsor applications are available on their website at www.portlandroadstershow.com.