Marching Ahead in Motorsports

As we near press time, we are awaiting a February snowstorm. Even more exciting, we are awaiting a reopening of restaurants from this pandemic deep freeze. Finally, again weary travelers will have places where they can come in off the road for a hot meal. You be sure and let me know how that all worked out, okay?
We are also awaiting speed weeks at Daytona. NASCAR will be starting their 2021 season anew. Will they have packed grandstands this year? Here is something else interesting, eNASCAR will be starting their second season of iRacing. The 2021, 10 race season will feature a fresh new look. Maybe more sanitized? Perhaps keeping the drivers more PC in their outbursts while in the heat of competition?

In some gentler news from Daytona, we see that three women are being nominated this year to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. In related news we will be seeing the introduction of an all women team to the NTT Indycar Series this year. Always good to see this kind of representation from the female persuasion. Next, in the face of all this excitement, we must report the demise of a couple more speedways. Concord Speedway in North Carolina and Texas World Speedway are being torn down for better things.

With that being said, during this time of such intense political turmoil in our nation – here is to an exciting and covid-free 2021 roddin’ and racin’ season in the Northwest and everywhere else.
Nuff said. Chuck Fasst. #GearHeadsWorld

Where are we going with all of this?

Greetings GearHeads. By the time you are reading this, another year has passed. How did you like the last one? Dare I ask? At press time, a lot was going on in the country. Maybe some of you may have received a shot in the arm by now? Maybe this year, Motorsports will receive the shot in the arm it needs?
2020 was definitely the lamest year of all time when it comes to hot rodding. There were a number of races that went off around the place but hot rod cruises were damned few.

There will, however be less racing out in the world for VW this year. They are pulling out of Motorsports racing completely to focus on EV production cars. Next we see that Audi is pulling out of formula E competition followed by BMW who will be concentrating solely on EV production cars. The EVs are coming to the streets boys… And lots of them!

It looks like Atlanta dragway has gone up for sale. We were sorry to hear of the death of Dan-O. He was an OG Motorsports photographer in the LA area who got mowed down in an LA street race.

“… They were cruising against Communism.”

When it comes to car cruises in 2020. There was something worth mentioning that took place October 10th 2020. It was referred to as a car caravan by the Miami Herald. This car caravan consisted of primarily Cuban Americans and numbered at about 20K, they are saying!

They were cruising against Communism. Many of these participants were exiles who have experienced the evil and destruction of Communism firsthand in their countries. They see this coming to America and stand up against it.

Unfortunately, the influence of communism is shot through and through this country from shore to shore at levels most Americans would not even believe. And this is coming straight out of CCP. Yes the Communist Chinese badly want to rule the world. This should come as a surprise to none of us. Levels of communist corruption today are infected throughout Wall Street, politics CTC and public education in this country.

There is no question that many more Americans need to become vastly more informed on this subject. This writer is one who never likes to mix politics with hot rodding. But the CCP stands on its own as the premier threat of all time, to the United States.

Us Hot Rodders are pretty much long in the tooth. We are like the OG’s of the old school Hot Rodding started here in America in the last century. We are the last generation. It gets harder and harder for most of us to muster up what it takes to put on any kind of a cruise in these days. It makes me wonder what we might have left, if and when the time comes for us to stand up and make a statement for our country?

At press time something else is going on in our capitol. We will see how that all sorts out by the time you read this. I must add that censorship has gone way off the hook in this country. There appears to be no such thing as free press anymore, especially on the social platforms. The silencing is being done to second tier news channels as well as all kinds of content creators. This is outrageous, extremely troubling and un-American. Fcu

Let me just close with my new definition of a vacuum: When big money begets big corruption and big communism comes rushing in.
’nuff said.

Tales of Covid Times

Greetings GearHeads. And welcome to another Covid celebration. Our copy deadline for this issue happens to fall on Veterans Day. As I sit in the Olive Garden partaking of my free meal, I look  across at a sea of empty tables and chairs. This also happens to be the first day of a new set of paranoid pandemic rules laid out for this county by the governor of Oregon.

Yet again, restaurants along with a number of other grassroots businesses are being adversely affected by the latest round of pandemic punishments to be laid down by our esteemed decision makers on high.
Consider your average Olive Garden with 25 to 30 personnel and a capacity of 200, allowed to serve a couple of dozen patrons. Sounds to me like there are some policymakers that truly deserve to be slapped upside the head!

Granted we may not expect much of decision making ability from some knuckle dragger making his way through the pits. But as far as supposedly educated, elected officials and their ilk. We expect a lot more – a whole lot more! Like the ability to think their way out of a pandemic paper sack without horribly damaging droves of additional humans.
This writer is reminded of a certain military policy that was often used: Punish the masses for the sins of the few. This policy was as ineffective then as it is now. And yet we continue to see these kinds of policies put in use everywhere, all the time. Just throw a blanket over the whole thing, hurting everybody and solving the problem, supposedly. Anyone know what a crock is?

The effectiveness of an authoritarian government can be measured by the culture of fear and the number of those who are too poor to afford a pot to piss in – such as the homeless. Folks, just take a good hard look around the United States of America.

And then they have the street racers. Or so they are being called by much of the media. However some Media have begun to refer to what’s happening around Portland as events or shows. These would seem to be more accurate descriptors considering that there seems to be no actual racing competition going on. This seems to be an epidemic of hooning
This would appear to be an offshoot of groups of fun havers like the Hoonigans on YouTube. The Hoonigans came about by way of video sensation Ken Block and his viral gymkhana videos on YouTube.
In recent years these “bridge takeovers” and “street takeovers” have come about, around the city of Portland. These kids block all traffic and get on about their crazy hooning. Some of them have mad skillz – others don’t. There have been a few deaths. The latest being a motorcyclist and an onlooker.

At press time, the most recent event took place smack in the middle of the intersection of NE Columbia boulevard and MLK boulevard. It is said the hooning went on for three hours! The cops had other pressing business going on downtown.

All I can say is, back in the day when we were doing our actual street racing. We did it in out of the way places like, Alcoa, Firestone, Airport road and many others. We generally did our racing late and we most certainly never blocked traffic. We did not have a high death toll as well.
Nowadays it appears as if Portland has become somewhat of a magnet for hooners from outlying areas. Perhaps the hooners are taking advantage of all of the action that continues to go on downtown requiring the attention of all the cops in the area. At any rate, this, in your face blocking of traffic and the rest of the craziness is taking it too far. The 911 emergency system was completely overloaded! It is too bad how these kids trash the good names of the vast majority of other hot rodders out there.

So here is a question. What do Sandy Monro, Malcolm Bricklin and Arcimoto have in common? 3 wheeled EVs. And we will have more on that at a later time.

And then we have GPT-3. Have yourself a conversation with this character and it will learn you a lot on the subject of AI deep learning. You will get an indication of just how closer we are coming to Singularity. It won’t be long before it will be us and we will be it!

Hot Rodders Keep on Keepin’ On

As we attempt to navigate our way through  2020 it has been a tough time for all. It has certainly hit the Motorsports industry hard and continues to do so. As we have previously mentioned even the SEMA show canceled. In lieu of that they have developed the SEMA 360 which will be an entire virtual show. I dunno, there is nothing like the SEMA show up close and personal.

In the midst of a pandemic most of the larger Motorsport shows have been shut down – but not all. I mean let’s face it, unlike other major sports, Motorsports has always been about participation. When it comes to hot rodding, that is especially so. Hot rodding has always been about high spirited American Patriots getting together and sharing their motoring experiences and innovations. And then, well there might be some competition.

This writer took a peek at what the Good Guys were up to. He didn’t have to look far to see their latest innovation. I must say that when I look at what these guys do it kind of reminds me of the reason behind why Congress set aside that special holiday for all of us. It comes around on the second Friday of July every year. National Collector Car Appreciation Day. Hopefully most of you know this.

Congress recognizes all of us who have kept the spirit of the automobile alive throughout the past century. It was those of us who brought the fun of the automobile into the world. And we certainly deserve recognition for that.

And this writer will say that the Good Guys have been good at that sort of thing for quite a few years. They bring the fun and good times into the American automobile. Once upon a time, this writer was running the Women of Motorsports modeling team. And he has never forgotten how the Meadors family welcomed us with open arms. Because it was not always that way for us.

So, this brings me to the good old American Drive-In Cruise that they recently did. Judging from all the pics that were available on their site, It looks like a lot of hot rodders had a rocking good time. Evidently, they set the limit at 400 cars. Imagine a drive-in movie theater filled up with 400 hot rods. Nothing like putting on an event that is Covid correct and socially distanced … and Bitchin’.

In other news, it has been a different kind of year for NHRA. It seems that they are suing Coca-Cola over their Mellow Yellow series. It seems that Coke pulled out on them mid-series. Remaining October races are unsure.

Then we have NASCAR changing up their schedule for next season. They are going to run their Indy race along with the Indy Cars on the same weekend. Then they have scheduled the Bristol race to be run on dirt!

Special Vehicle Engineering has introduced their 2021 Yenko/SC Stage II Camaro. Only 50 copies will be available of this 1050 HP beast. And it looks like Ford is making available 2021 Mustang Bodies in White that include NHRA legal cages.

Now let’s wrap this up with news from the electrical vehicle world. We can’t forget them, cuz they won’t let us. It looks like the Lucid EV has recently run a 9.24 ET. Yup, that’s way fast for a factory production street car. Also, lately the Lucid and the Tesla “Plaid” have been in hot competition at the Laguna Seca Raceway. When last checked, Tesla was in the lead on that one. And that’s that.
’nuff said,Chuck Fasst  #GearHeadsWorld

2020… What a Year

We are certainly hoping all is well out there in hot rod land. No doubt there were quite a number of readers who were caught up in these fires. The publisher was in the line of fire and evacuated as well. If you are reading this, then we at least got some kind of an issue out. Just that, is an amazing accomplishment during these natural disasters and extreme declining economy.

It appears that it is the Covid condition that is doing the worst damage to the automotive industry. Motorsports will never be the same again. The electric vehicle industry is making major inroads during this time. It looks like we may be entering into a new era of shared ridership where fewer and fewer citizens will actually own their own car.

In the performance sector we are seeing more and more of these EVs running quarter mile ETs in the 9s and showing impressive performance on road courses and places like Pikes Peak. They are coming at us from every angle, that is for sure.

Along these lines, the guys over at Racing Junk have been making some noise about a leaked document from GM concerning the C8 Corvette. It speaks of a hybrid model coming out in 2023 that will feature what they call, eAWD for all-wheel drive. They are saying this one will be the fastest of all time when under full power!

In other news, you know it’s bad when shows like the SEMA show, PRI Show and Drag Week are cancelled. At press time however there is a second Rocky Mountain drag tour scheduled. This will be meant to take the place of the canceled Drag Week. The LS fest was also pulled off. This was a crazy event featuring all kinds of LS powered vehicles involved in all kinds of crazy merriment.

The LS Fest is featured prominently in the new eMagazine put out by Holley. Motor Life Digital Magazine will feature excerpts of the latest in car culture.

Well GearHeads as cool car season winds down, we are certainly wishing the best of luck to those of you who have been affected by this outrageous year of 2020. Sure am hoping there were not too many cool hot rods destroyed by these fires! Do your best to keep on keepin’ on—and stay free.

And the Beat Goes On

Greetings GearHeads and GearHeadettes. What a year this has been, eh? By now we would be hitting all kinds of cruise-ins and all kinds of racing would be going on. Except as of press time, there is nothing going on!

So who knows what is coming? I will not even digress.

National collector car day is coming right up—July  10. There won’t be a whole lot happening. Perhaps you could fire up your hot rod for a moment of noise or something?

So I did take notice of a number of pretty cool car events which consisted of people driving their cars and staying in them. Heard there was some big ones. So could drive in theaters be making a comeback?
So did anyone see Jay Leno driving around in a Cybertruck with Elon Musk? They were last seen disappearing down some tunnel.

Oh and now this: Tesla car makes Edmunds Top 10 Muscle Car List! A four-door electric car? My, my—times, they are a changin’  And then there was the new Tesla Roadster. The MuskFather is adding a rocket thruster behind the rear license plate, James Bond style! Sounds like it is going to be the fastest, factory street car on earth!

So I should mention The FarSight Viewers again. Remember… The ones that report on the news before it happens. So, one of their top remote viewers reported on a gunship taking a missile strike. Well, it happened on the Straits of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. I have been there. Yes, not that long ago I was a US Merchant Marine sailing the world. Yes, I was a driver of ships once upon a time.
Anyway, it was a friendly fire incident between 2 Iranian warships conducting war games on May 11. And let me tell you, there were some unhappy Ayatollahs over there. The rest of the remote viewers were all predicting a bunch of rioting. I will say they sure hit that nail on the head, ya think?

Here is something else to think about. This brave new digital world that we are all running towards, head over heels… Cybersecurity is what I often think about – hackers. Anyway, Honda was forced to close a number of their factories around the world recently, due to a ransomware attack. Sounds like genuine cyberwar could be on its way!

So we have mentioned USMA before. They have developed a new hashtag- #TogetherWeRace . Go check it out. You will find their Covid-19 toolkit. They have developed protocols to revitalize Motorsports in such a way as has been done before to revive this nation’s economy.

That’s all folks. Chuck Fasst #GearHeadsWorld

The Winner Gets a Million Bucks!

In my last column I mentioned that the New Coronavirus would send a ripple through the automotive industry. It has done that and at press time we now see that it is sending ripples across all industries, all around the world. Indeed, at press time, it has just been declared a worldwide pandemic! This publication is due to hit the streets by April 1st. And it will be no joke by then. Good luck to all of you.

Electricity is a topic mentioned often in this column. Specifically, how it will be affecting our future automotive industry. Here is a little something from GM. We are all aware of how complex electrical systems have become in all cars. GM has developed an electrical architecture that includes over 1 million lines of code. It is currently in use in C8 Corvettes and others. By 2023 this plug & play type of architecture will be shared by all GM vehicles.

This leads us into GM’s “EV Day.” This was a special event for GM to announce their commitment to future electric vehicles. They announced that they believe in global warming and a renewable electrical grid. Their plan is to invest 20 billion dollars between now and 2025.

They seem to be most excited about the new battery they will be building which will include less Cobalt and more nickel. They call it the Ultium. They announced that they will be tripling the number of charging stations at all GM facilities. They announced the new Hummer EV coming in 2021. They announced their new Cadillac, Lyriq. However, at press time we are now hearing that production of that car will be delayed due to the coronavirus.
Some insiders felt that GM’s EV Day announcements were more lackluster than they had expected. After all, Tesla is already years ahead of them in this game. We will see.

Speaking of Tesla, the MuskFather has just announced the implementation of their Track Mode V.2. Word is this performance upgrade will lay siege to many race cars on road courses everywhere. Of course the one I have whimsically named the MuskFather is indeed Elon Musk. He may well become the most well-known man on the planet, the way he is going. I must admit, the more I look into this guy, the more impressed I become. I will have plenty more to say about him in future columns.

Announcing the Indy Autonomous Challenge. This will be a competition between leading University teams developing autonomous self-driving racecars. In 2021 they will compete at the Indianapolis Motor speedway. The prize will be $1000000. DARPA has a hand in this.

Now for news of the latest merger in the Motorsports industry. Race Winning Brands (RWB) has acquired Manley. They own JE Pistons, Diamond Pistons, Wiseco, K1 Technologies and Dart, among others. (RWB) is a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries LLC.

We will finish this column with news from the UK. A family driving in a Tesla Model X was saved from a 400 year old falling tree by the automatic braking feature. A family traveling in a Tesla Model X in the opposite direction on the same street was also saved from the same falling tree by their automatic braking feature.

It is what it is. Be safe everybody!
‘nuff said, Chuck Fasst #GearHeadsWorld

Deep Dive Into the C8 Corvette

Okay gals and GearHeads, are you relaxing during the slow part of the season? Well there has been no let up in the news of the automotive world, such as the C8 Corvette. So let’s call this the year of the C8 and without further adieu, dive into the inner workings of the C8 as promised last column.

Tadge Juechter, Chief Engineer over at Chevrolet had a recent convo with the guys over at Autoline. Here is a few key takeaway points he shared; this goes back to about 2005 when they were working on the C6 ZO6 Corvette. The weight of the supercharger resulted in 52% front weight, when they started musing about what a mid-engine car would be like. They began their studies which ultimately resulted in a 60/40 weight split rear to front.

They had to start with a clean sheet of paper to design this new car from the ground up, starting with the transaxle. They went out and bought a Ferrari and tore it all down to look at everything. They had to design a suspension system that would result in neutral steering along with comfort as well as performance handling.

They had to make some compromises such as the center of gravity (CG) which is higher than the earlier Vettes. This came from replacing the transverse leaf springs with coilovers. All of this along with the transaxle resulted in a heavier car. They had to go with an automatic transmission because they just could not find anything else out in the world that would do the job for a manual gearbox. But they did provide this unique dual pedal neutral which will allow the car to coast when you push in the pedal.

Moving into the cabin, they faced a number of challenges. They designed extra tilt extensions so a 7-foot guy could get in there. They built in roomy storage compartments front and rear along with custom luggage.

And we will now introduce the word of the day: squircles … Yes, Elmer you heard that right. This has to do with the design of the squared steering wheel. It gives the 7-foot guy the legroom along with the ability for the short guy to view the heads up display (HUD) over the steering wheel.

They had a number of acoustics challenges to overcome. With the engine in the rear, there was a lot of noise emanating from all of those belts and pulleys up front. Of course, all GearHeads want to hear the roar of that power plant back there. This resulted in innovative approaches to sound architecture, starting with a back window twice as thick incorporated into a reinforced structure that would act as a sound barrier. What is even cooler is that the rear window can be lowered independently to provide that flow through ventilation.

Next came some really innovative design work incorporating air ducting to maximize the acoustics of the intake and exhaust notes. Then of course, everybody knows that GearHeads like to rock out in their rides. Placement of the Bose speakers presented quite the challenge. They managed to come up with the loudest system yet. So pick your poison drivers and riders.

Construction of the entire car resulted in many different composite materials in and out. Then not to forget European sales and of course, the Aussies. But no problem, they simply had to tool mirror image parts to create the right hand drive.

Now let’s take a look at some of the funky stuff. There is the GPS hydraulics. Wherever you encounter such things as steep driveways where you might scrape your front splitter, you can program your hydraulic suspension to raise up the front of the car for clearance at the touch of a button. Your GPS will remember 1000 different locations.

Then it appears that the Chevy engineers took a page out of the Tesla build book by developing their over-the-air software updates. A 24-hour hotline is monitored by the engineers. When any car develops a unique problem they will receive the readout and develop a fix within a 24-hour window.

So there you go guyz and galz. A few key takeaways from the borning of the C8 Corvette. As this world-beating sports car continues to win Car of the Year awards, their debut on the racetrack is approaching. We will see it at the 24 hours of LeMans. I am quite sure there will be a crowd.

As 2019 came to a close, we recognize the passing of more Motorsports pioneers such as, Junior Johnson, Bill Simpson and Bruce Crower. We are all marching to the same place.

There is a ton of new news coming down from the electrical vehicle (EV) front. But we wanted to give an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle front and center this time around. Oh, and is an electrficationable future in line for the C8? I’m afraid so.

I would like to leave you with a few tidbits from the legislative front. The RPM bill has been reintroduced for 2020. If you want to help us all out, you can go on back over to the SEMA site And send word to your congressmen. They have another template there , that you can easily fill out and send. Also this marks 5 years since the United States Motorsports Association (USMA) was formed to help with these issues.

Then we have US Representative Debbie Dingell who is introducing the Electrify Forward Act, designed to use billions of tax dollars to move electrification forward in the Auto industry. Just thought I would dangle that in front of y’all.

’nuff said
Chuck Fasst #GearHeadsWorld

What Is Going On? Well, This…

No doubt, some of you are wondering why there is a pic of a couple of dudes holding up fish in a car paper. Let me explain that recently myself and my brother-in-law, Bill spent an entire week on the water out at buoy 10 in a drift boat. Now, any of you GearHeads that do fish and I hope there are quite a few of you, know that there is a little bit of lunacy going on here. A drift boat puttering around the Columbia River bar? We won’t be doing that again.

My point is that we did have occasion to interact with a number of fishing guides out there. And by and large, these guys were millennials. Now, last month I mentioned the hot rodder millennials and how they seem to have a lot more going on than many of their counterparts.

I couldn’t help but notice the same things with these fishing guides. They are working in close concert with the bounty that mother Earth offers up out here in the great Pacific Northwest. They are very dedicated to their craft, paying close attention to the details at hand as they go about their work. If only many other millennials out in the cities were so dedicated.
One guide was David Klistoff who was camped near us along with his young son, Jacob. He has this cool boat that he and his grandpa built. He took us out for free on our final day there. Good times.

Now I must pause here for a moment to honor one of our latest, Jessi Combs. If you were watching the news last month, you saw it. She died in her quest to be the fastest woman on Earth. It all happened here in Oregon. I remember watching her when she was the GearHead girl, TV host. I think it might have been called PowerBlock back then.

And now for some bits and pieces from the car world. Let’s start with Hot Rod Drag Week, which is currently in progress at press time. Who will end up being the fastest street car in the world? This event is way cool because we have guys like David Freiburger and Brian Lohnes giving us blow-by-blow reporting in a live feed through Motor Trend, everyday.

When it comes to track announcing I think these guys got it all over NHRA. With their easy back-and-forth banter, they share intimate knowledge of the goings-on down in the pits. Instead of focusing in on the heroes. They make sure that every single racer is mentioned. There are many stories from the road as all of these racers make their way along the streets between these race tracks back East.

One thing they make clear is how racers help other racers throughout this event. I much prefer this over what I’ve seen amongst certain bracket racers. This seems to be reflected among their sponsors as well. Their long line of sponsors seems to be strictly committed to hardcore, aftermarket suppliers. No big Pepsi or Camping World sponsors to be seen here. We see things like the NOS nitrous company hanging back in the pits refilling all of the racers’ NOS bottles for free! Can you beat that?

This event is really wild. Consider that the cap for the car count of this racing event is set at 400 cars. If I got this right, that number was hit earlier this year 7 minutes after entries were opened! And then … 700 more cars end up on the waiting list! Are you firking kidding me?
With that said, I look around at PIR on Wednesday nights. I see all of the bracket racing going on at the track. And the huge Beaches hot rod Cruise taking place back in the trees, throughout the summer. And I see something unique unlike anything else that is happening out in the nation. But what else I see, is tremendous opportunity. I can see all kinds of ways of combining these two events with a kind of interaction between hot rodders and racers never-before-seen. Perhaps making Portland the envy of many others out there and having more fun than the law allows.
But this sort of thing requires innovation and forward thinkers. Something Portland has lacked for as long as I can remember in the Motorsports world. Better to just leave everything just as it is, year after year.
Everybody has heard of the Detroit Auto show, right? It is the big one where all the newest of cars are introduced. Evidently they have been having problems with big car companies pulling out due to lack of interest. They are having to revamp their whole business plan. Evidently they will be incorporating much more festive events to liven up an old tradition. I’m curious to see what they come to the table with.

Wow, there sure is a bunch of rumbling going on amongst the UAW, isn’t there? All of those top Union officials getting busted. They be walking the perp walk. And here they are right in the middle of an impending strike. It appears that the UAW has chosen GM to strike first. Some kind of talked about the Arlington plant.

A couple of interesting factoids about GM: they have the highest labor costs. They also pay the highest wages, the average being $140k/yr. Then they have a 12% AWOL workforce. This is considered to be a quite high absentee rate for union workers.

Anyway, here is something they had to say over at Autoline concerning the Arlington plant. Evidently the Arlington plant has been working on max overtime for a hella long time, say about a decade! They figure these workers are pretty weary and could use a break. So if they decide to strike … Well, GM has amassed quite an inventory. Apparently GM can keep going for some time…

Now for news from the other side of the world. The big time Auto Show over on that side is the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. Evidently there is some group over there calling themselves “Rocks in the Gearbox”. They attack the cars in the show with rocks and hammers and such. They have inflicted serious damage and there are talks of a riot. Huh?

’nuff said, Chuck Fasst #GearHeadsWorld

The Times… They Are a Changin’

Okay gals and GearHeads, how about we step right into the big news. We’ve talked about it before oh, and now it is here. If you have not been living in a cave then you know that the new mid engine 2020 Corvette supercar has been officially unveiled. In fact you might want to check out the Fireball Tim YouTube channel. He got some great coverage of the unveiling.

They have been showing up in showrooms. and they say they are starting at under 60k which is exciting. but if you put your order in don’t expect to see one til sometime next year. Matter of fact at press time they’re telling us that they may well be sold out of that run.

And then my favorite bartender, Wendy (CJ’s pub out in Fairview), informed me that the first one has been wrecked! Didn’t take long.
Oh how I do like writing about the ICE cars (internal combustion engined). so now I will throw out a little teaser about something new and exciting they are working on. Transient plasma ignition

So, here is another tidbit. The Indy cars are a-changing. They are saying that as the OEMs move further into electricity, it will filter down into racing. It looks like next year’s cars are going to be hybrids. Also they have added 50 horsepower to them.
How about this—Texas motor speedway bans all EV cars! It seems that some EV cars have been slapping around the ICE cars pretty bad down there. But the official reason is fires. It turns out that fighting these lithium ion battery fires is requiring some special fire fighting equipment. It seems they flare up even more when conventional foam hits them.

So finally, in a world where this author is observing more and more millennials behaving horribly awful, I want to give a shout out to the hot rodder rmillennials I am seeing out at the events. They seem to be showing a lot more common sense, integrity and respect. So, kudos to the millennial hot-rodders!

Nuf said, Chuck Fasst #GearHeadsWorld