All for the Love of Street Rods, Classic Custom Cars & Trucks


Tony and Leona Aragon have quite a story in the history of their two beautiful artistic automobile works of art.

To make the action a little more complete we are adding a delicious 1929 candy blue St Rod Bucket from Larry William’s garage in the Gresham, Oregon area.

This all for the love story begins when Tony Aragon picks up a copy of the want ads promoting cars and trucks from all over the USA. Now if I remember the story correctly Tony’s Grandpa had a 1935 Plymouth 4 dr. that he had spent some time in as a kid rolling around in the back seat, no seat belts required on vehicles back in those days. Well the story goes that low and behold Tony finds a 1935 Dodge 2 dr. sedan listed in the want-ads that, is the car of his dreams. The only problem is the car is located in the state of Florida! Now let’s see Tony and his bride live in Oregon and his dream car is over 3,000 miles away, as the Grow flies, in Florida. Now for those of you that have met Mr. Aragon in person you can testify to the fact that he is some-what of a larger person in statue. He must have kept poor Leona awake tossing and turning in his sleep for the next two weeks just dreaming about that ’35 Dodge as he wanted it so badly. Now the story goes that for Leona to get another night sleep after two weeks of Tony’s sleepless acting out, she finally made the statement,( all of us husbands needed to hear more often) If you love that car so much why don’t you go and get it! What Tony went over 3000 miles to retrieve around ten years ago has turned out to be one fine custom work of automobile artistic wonder.


This 1935 Dodge 2 dr sedan features a 350 Chevy for power, a 350 turbo tranny and a 9” Ford rear-end. The top is deliciously chopped 3 ½ inches and the House of Color Candy Tangerine covers the lower half and Viper Silver covers the chopped top and the upper hood area. They rolled the pan under up front and she sports some baby spot turn signals plus bumpers are history. To enhance the stance 17” American Racing Chrome on the back and 15” up front makes this Mopar a thing of beauty. Speaking of beauty the interior on this show machine is all done in pillow top and over stuffed fine grey and orange leather. Tony grew up in Hollister, Cal and Leona is a true Oregonian and attended Marshall High here in Portland. They have four adult children and seven grandchildren and life has been good to the Aragon Family.

The second custom vehicle sitting in the two car garage at the Aragon family home is non-other than Leona’s creation. Dedicated to the memory of her late father Robert Calhoun who was the recipient of three prestigious Army medals for Valor in the Line of Duty and two Purple Hearts for wounds he received in combat.


1928 Ford Model “A” P.U. St Rod Bucket. For power she sports a ’66 Buick Nailhead 425ci / 450 HP / Turbo 400 Buick 3 speed tranny / 8” Dutchman rear-end. Twin four barrel Elderbrock Carbs feed the power plant. She features chrome baby tear-drop head-lights and a ’32 model B Grill Shell. The stance on this one off beauty is created with 850‘s on the rear and 550’s up front with baby chrome moons coming alive over the yellow accented wheels. The candy blue metallic finish and the white on white leather interior including the white box cover make this a one off joy to behold. Larry Williams is the proud owner of this artistic Street Rod and back in the 60’s he attended Clackamas High School. He now makes his home in the Gresham area. Your 1928 Ford Street Rod is a beauty on wheels and we at R&R NW Publication would like to thank each of our participants in our All for the Love Story for October 2016.


This 1971 Chevy P.U. is all Chevy powered and features a delicious custom interior plus frenched in Cadillac tail-lights a custom one off tail-gate with Chevy logo. Rolled pan and frenched in License Plate. The box is custom covered with super graphics and the Teal Green color on this beauty is fantastic. Things really come alive when you open the hood and the salute and dedication to Leona’s father are witnessed to in the Patriotic Tribute to the Foot Solders plus The Heartbeat of America Chevy Logo in artistic Graphics. The Bumper-less front end sports a tubular grill and the Engine compartment is flawlessly detailed and chromed to perfection. The Leona girl’s dedication to her father really is truly achieved to perfection.

Feature Ride of the Month: Model “T” Bucket


This Kandy Brandy Wine beauty sports a 350 ci Chevy producing about 435 HP / 350 Turbo Tranny w/ ratchet shifter / 8” powder coated Currie rear-end. Delicious black leather interior including a CD/MP3 player w/4 speakers. Custom built American Racing Torq Thrust II Wheels, 15×14 rears, and 15×4 fronts. Creating a perfect stance Mickey Thompson S/R tires 29×1800 R-15 rear and 24 x 500 R-15 up front. It took Del and his son Dale Krieger several years to build this gorgeous “T” Bucket from start to finish, and it was all completed in their hideaway work shop by the two Krieger’s at their home in Boring, Oregon.

Del attended Gresham High back in the sixty’s where he met his best friend Retha and the two of them have been together ever since. They have two fantastic grown Boys and four grandchildren plus one great-grandchild. The last time I saw The “T” bucket she had just picked up an award at the Rock-Around the Block Cruise In on the Main Street of Gresham. The week before she took a best of class trophy at the Milwaukie Bowl Cruise In. This delicious ride has won awards all over the West Coast in the past few years including the prestigious Portland Roadster Show.

We at R&R NW Publication would like to thank Del and his family for sharing your world class, award winning 1923 Model “T” Bucket with our many readers through-out the Pacific Northwest as our Featured Ride of the Month for September 2016.



All for the Love of Classic Custom Cars & Street Rods


It is somewhat challenging as the owner and builder of these three fantastic rides are just three of over 65 vehicles that he has registered in his name in the last 74 years. The challenge enters as he has in those 74 years also designed, developed properties and lots for over 50 quality family homes in Oregon and SW Washington. Between his masterpiece car creations and his award winning home construction, this guy must be dedicated to working twenty plus hours a day, seven days-a-week. It is our honor and pleasure to select Mr. Butch Chamness for September’s all for the love of classic custom cars and street rods he has built and all of the thousands of hours he has dedicated to those creations.

1956 Chevy 4 dr / 9 passenger Bel-Air Wagon.
For power she sports a ZZ4 V/8 w/375hp, 700 r-4 tranny and stock rear end. 8” Wilwood disc brakes, R&P power steering and power brakes. Dual Dyna Flow on the exhaust and classic dark tinted glass all the way around. To enhance the stance she runs 20” six spoke polished chrome wheels with TA tires on all four corners. The award winning interior is covered in delicious Ferrari leather and was stitched and created by Debi Zavada. The world class exterior is done in Atomic Orange and Apricot Pearl. Butch did about 95% of the total body off restoration on his trailered in basket case Chevy. Over 1800 hours were dedicated to reconstructing and fine tuning this limited edition nine passenger wagon to its current trophy winning completion. She sports the name “Bali-Hi” on her custom plate and she wins Best of Class, Best Paint, Best Interior, Best of Show Trophies all over the West Coast and beyond. This is truly an artistic work of recreated automotive wonder to behold.

1950 Ford 2 dr sedan
with a 454 ci Chev for power w/Turbo 400 auto tranny on the floor and 9” Ford rear-end. Custom Tilt & Telescoping wheel. Interior done in grey fabric w/wine colored hi-lighted piping creating a period look complete with tinted glass. She features Classic 14” Cragar super chromed wire wheels on all four corners.

The rich Wineberry color was finished by the owner and really makes this old classic come alive. Butch and his bride have owned this car for twenty-nine years and she’s truly a lasting member of the family as Mr. and Mrs. Chamness together completed 100% of the build on this classic, including the interior.

1936 Ford ½ ton P.U.
Ford power w/302ci w/ 3 speed on the floor tranny and an 8” Ford Mustang rear end. A 600 Edelbrock carb feeds the power plant which is all chromed and super polished for show. She features a set of stock headlights with baby scope turn signals added for safety alongside the hand-made, one off ’34 grill shell, making this ride stand alone on the show floor.

The top has been chopped a cool 4” and the rear-box shortened 9” creating a delicious street-rod truck in a new dimension. The box is finished in African Mahogany wood strips with custom rear box tailgate. She sports tinted glass and a set of Dyna-Flo mufflers giving attention to that 302 ci Ford. Special custom gauges highlight the dash. Go to girl, Debi Zavada’s created the custom wheat designed interior in Jaguar Leather and is stitched to perfection.

The exterior on this beauty is finished in Wheat-Gold on top half and Honduras Maroon on the lower body. World class pin striper Mitch Kim laid down the graphics. The perfect stance was created with 550/15” chromed out wheels selected for the front and 850x10w/15” for the rear.

This is one fine example of refining the lines on an exciting ’36 Ford Street Rod ½ ton Pick-Up. For the record Butch Chamness, who makes his home in the Portland area, has overseen the total building process, from beginning to end, of this award winning Street Rod on behalf of Mr. Rick Teeny. Butch continues to store, show and over- see the day to day handling of this project.

We at R & R NW Publication would like to thank Butch for allowing us to share his story on just three of the many classic custom cars and trucks that he has created over the years. They each are fantastic creations of automobile artistic wonder and we look forward to sharing future stories of his classic builds in progress.

Feature Car of the Month


A Ford in a Ford makes for a sweetheart of a 1926 Tall “T” Street Rod, a winner in every corner. 

There’s not one inch on this delicious Cherry Red “T” Coupe that hasn’t been refined to perfection.  From the hand formed custom grill shell, to the smooth as silk rear quarter panel, rear deck-lid and below including the rear tail-lights and turn signals placed just above the dual tail pipes.  She’s powered with a gorgeous Ford Flathead tweaked with just the right look and sporting everything in her to make it sound and perform like a million dollar ride.  Including a hand built chassis, and that 8 gallon fuel cell, and the special squared off designed head-lights up-front.  She’s a standalone beauty.  Add on the one of a kind custom designed combination hood and air-breather, feeding the right mixture of Oxygen to that Carville fuel injector system and you have one lean and mean “T” Street Rod Coupe.

She’s finished off with a host of leather covering a bench seat and leather wrapped tilt-steering wheel.  Add custom electro gauges on a one off hand formed interior dash, plus the soft gray leather is also accented in the rear-trunk area complete with 15 gallon main fuel supply.  She’s fitted with custom polished alloy wheels on all four corners and Wilwood Disc brakes up front.  Add on a super sounding AM/FM/CD and you have just built Brandon Hillyer’s (in todays $$ an $80 to $90 thousand dollar build) award winning 1926 Super Modified Tall “T” Coupe.  She has won her share of Trophies including best of class at the Portland Roadster Show, and a host of other awards all over the West Coast.  We at R&R NW are proud to select Brandon’s tall “T” as our featured car of the month for June 2016.  If you would like additional information on this ride call Brandon at 503-981-4747 ext. 1410.

All for the Love of Classic Custom Chevrolet Corvettes


The question to this “All for the Love Story” is what do you call a guy with five delicious Chevy Custom Corvettes in his garage at home?

Now, let the record show that this same creative artistic car enthusiast has had twenty five plus Corvette creations registered in his name over the years. The following five featured here are the Crème-De-La-Crème from his fantastic collection. A modified ‘56 coupe, two custom creations, built from ground up, a ’57 and a ‘60 award winning Roadster’s, both artistic works of art. One showy flamed out ‘71 Stingray and a 2000 coupe, his daily driver. The people in his Springfield Oregon neighborhood call him Mr. Dennis Huntley. “One cool car lovin’ kinda guy.”

1956 Red & White Corvette Convertible has for power, a 383 ci Stroker/425 HP/ Dual 4 Barrels, 350 Auto Tranny, Modified Stock-Rear, Wilwood Disc-Brakes on all four corners. 17” Super chromed out wheels make for a smooth ride on this cherry ’56.

1971 Black w/Purple Flames Stingray, also for power, a 383 Stroker/535 HP w/nitro 600 plus HP. Custom Black on Black Interior, Flames and Exterior finish by D.H.

1957 Candy–Lime Green Corvette Roadster w/572 ci for power w/871 Blower, Fuel Injection producing 1000 HP, w/custom 400 stick on the floor tranny w/9” Ford rear with Detroit Locker. This complete rolling chassis as shown was all built by Jimmy Meyers Street Rods. In addition she features Frenched Head-Lights and for a clean and neat look, they relocated the Parking-Lights down under. She sports Billet Chrome Wheels on all four corners with 18” up front and 20” out back for a sweet stance. The delicious white on white all leather interior was stitched by Jon Lynn from Eugene. The custom Gauges are accented with the candy green theme to the interior. This is an award winning creation where-ever she shows from Hot August Nights and all over the West Coast.

1960 Tangerine Dream Machine Corvette Roadster w/383ci Stroker for power, w/671 Blower producing 650 HP. M22 4/speed tranny and modified rear w/456 gears. Jimmy Meyers Street Rods created the front suspension on this fantastic ride. Again Jon Lynn produced the gorgeous Italian Leather interior including tricking out the trunk. Boyd Coddington special one off wheels were selected for this creation, with 17” up front and 18” on the rear for a perfect look. You can see and hear this creative work of automobile wonder coming as a gift to one’s eyes with the Orange Tangerine sporting those champagne swish graphics making this 1960 Corvette Roadster come alive. Again this super custom has won trophies all over the West Coast.

2000 Torch Red Corvette Coupe. She sports a LT1 for power w/six speed tranny. This daily driver features a delicious black interior and is pretty much a stock ride, for Mr. Huntley to get around the valley in. Dennis is an active member, in good standing, with the Cascade Corvette Club for the past ten years.

We at R&R NW Publication would like to thank Dennis for sharing his beautiful creative works of automobile wonder with our thousands of readers all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. “All for the love of Custom Classic Chevrolet Corvettes“ for June 2016.


Feature Car of the Month


This sweet and clean looking little 1941 Ford Fordor Sedan has quite a history.

The Ford Motor Company assembly line that she came off from has an even greater history to behold. For those of you that are 75 years of age or older will remember that it was in that year the US officially entered into  World War Two. Ford geared up to start producing B-24 Liberator Bombers for the Army Air-Corp and built 8,685 averaging 18 per day. They also produced 1500 4-Wheel drive recon vehicles (Jeeps), plus 300 mobile field kitchens for the Army. Ford also produced synthetic oil from soy beans at one of their midwest plants. While all of that was going on they still had time and man-power to produce 25,928 Deluxe Fordor Sedan Automobiles plus 3,838 Special Fordor Sedans of which 1800 were delivered to become Military Staff Cars. Total Mfg cost back in 1941 $512, MSRP $815. A note of interest: Ford Motor Company achieved in April of 1941 its 29 Millionth car to come off from their assembly lines in the history of the company. We at R&R NW Publications in recognition to the time, date and history of Calvin and Joann Graham’s 1941 Ford Deluxe Fordor Sedan, are honored to make this Burgundy metallic Pearl colored beauty, with a hint of ghost flames, our Featured Car of the Month for May 2016.

This delicious Burgandy ’41 Ford Sedan sports a tweeked 302 ci Ford for power w/ C4 auto tranny 8.5” Posi Rear. Mix and match Ford and GM parts make up the Front suspension w/Disc brakes on all four corners. She sports a clean and neat fabric interior with electronic gauges on the custom wood dash and plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy this ride in style.

Cal graduated from Bell High in the L.A. area back in 1966 and immediately entered California State College in Fullerton. His college days were interrupted when the US Army was looking for a few good men back in 1967 and away went Cal to do a two year program in the Army. His military requirement completed, he returned to Cal. State, and got his degree in Structural Engineering. The first company he went to work for, in the L.A. area, he met a beautiful young lady that, had just moved to California from New York, and the rest is history. Cal and Joann recently celebrated their forty-third Wedding Anniversary. They now have four fantastic grown children and four wonderful grandchildren and life has been good to them. They relocated from sunny California to Oregon back in the early eighty’s and settled in the Hillsboro area. Cal is an active member of the Pharaohs Street Rodders in good standing and donates a lot of time to their Pharaohs Endless Summer Cruise-In at Billy Bobs in Gresham every Wednesday after-noon in beautiful downtown Gresham. Cal reminded me to let everyone know they are all welcome and invited from 4:00 pm to 7:30pm, fair weather permitting. Open to all classes of Classic Vintage Stock and or Custom Cars, Street Rods, Bikes and Trucks from June to September. Great Food, Fantastic Automobiles, Super Music, and Games for all ages plus Winning Car Trophies supplied and sponsored by The Pharaohs Street Rodders.

We at R&R NW Publication would like to thank Cal and all of his fellow Veterans for giving us your time and service to protecting this great nation. We would also like to thank and recognize the Pharaohs Street Rodders for their continued support to the Veterans. The MIAP and the Lines for Life programs with their history of thousands of dollars donated to these two causes every year. We are proud and honored to make Cal and Joann’s 1941 Ford Deluxe Fordor/Revised Military Staff Vehicle, our Featured Car of the Month for May 2016.


Saluting the 2016 Salem Roadster Show


Show promoters Bob Symons and Greg Roach are to be congratulated for yet another super fantastic collection of Classic and Custom Cars, Trucks and Bikes at the tenth annual Salem Roadster Show.

The celebration took place on February 20th and 21st at the Americraft Center on the grounds of the Oregon State Fair in beautiful Salem, Oregon.  In nineteen hours the two day show entertained well over 5,000 car enthusiast to 115 winning custom show cars, classic original cars, trucks and bikes.  The one thing each of these gorgeous automobiles, trucks and bikes had in common was, each had previously been big winners at other car shows and cruz-ins all over the West Coast from B.C. Canada to San Diego, California.  Bob and Greg’s invitations only go out to the best of the best in the trophy winning category.  This show was no exception.  Every entry shined with class, and was high-lighted by over 125 special custom made Salem Roadster Show Jackets awarded one to each entry for their winning appearance in the show.

In the past ten years this show has attracted almost 60,000 custom car and truck enthusiast to witness over 1200 classic custom cars, trucks and bikes.  A note of interest over 1200 custom tailor made Salem Roadster Show jackets have also been awarded to all of the entry’s and in Bob and Greg’s eyes you’re all winners.  Wear your winning jackets with pride.

In addition these past ten years the Salem Roadster Show has supported a host of local and regional charities.  Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Cancer Program through KDCCP, The Al Kader Shriners Hospital, Brent Strohmeyer Scholarship Foundation and the Roberts Charter High School Foundation with tens of thousands of dollars, from the proceeds of the shows, dedicated to these charities.
A few selected custom car stars at the 10th Salem Roadster Show 2016.

Feature Car of the Month


Growing up in southern California back in the mid-forties, Max Panetta built his first automobile at age fifteen. 

Of course he was living at the center of the birth of custom cars, street rods, trucks and bikes in the L.A. area of sunny California.
Max’s is credited with having his signature on 75–80 vehicle titles in the past 70 plus years. What’s amazing is that 20–25 of those wild automobiles he designed, developed and totally built himself. One hundred per cent from ground up, start to finish. We at R&R NW publication have shared with our readers six of his fantastic creations in past editions. Now it’s our pleasure to share  another sweet little ride from Max’s collection. His latest is a 1936 Ford Roadster street rod.

A quick note of importance: Max did not build this old school vintage ’36, as it was skillfully created here in the Portland area several years ago. Max would like to give a thumbs up to all the people that had a hand in putting it together as she is a true work of art. Max has made a few updated improvements on her like a new electric fuel line system, a rebuilt rear-end, plus he added power steering to get down the highway with a little more ease.

You all remember of course the difference between a convertible and a roadster. Well for those of you that may not, the roadster is the one they built at the Ford factory without any roll-up windows. Thus you end up with a sleek, cool looking, fare weather ride with a little fresh air hitting you in the face for 365 days a year.

This sweet little 1936 old school Ford roadster, complete with a soft fabric one piece top, runs a 350 Chevy for power, 350 tranny and an 8” Ford rear-end, plus power brakes on all four corners. She’s running 550 x15” up front and 850×15” out back creating that perfect stance.


This delicious Gibbons body came complete with 2 ½” chopped top She sports a beautiful leather rumble seat at the rear and a matching all-leather old school interior with electronic gauges. The body is finished in Sea-Foam Green with pearlized mint green flames and pearlized ghost flames escaping across the hood. She’s a creative work of artistic automotive beauty.

After completing a tour in the US Navy, Max joined the Northrop Aviation group in Southern Ca. as a Senior Electronics Engineer. His career took him all over the world to over 30 different countries. He finally retired in 1991 and relocated to the Portland area.

At last count he’s got insurance coverage on five automobiles, two trucks, two car hauling trailers, and two small tractors. Both of these exciting little-man tractors were built 100% by hand in Max’s own shop. They have been enjoyed by all for the past several years down at the annual tractor pull and show at the Power Land and Tractor Museum in Brooks, Oregon. Max is an active member of the Kool Guys Hot Rod Breakfast at the Hangar Restaurant, meeting every friday morning around 7 am in Carver, Oregon.

We at R&R NW Publication would like to thank you Mr. Panetta for your dedicated time in the US Armed Forces and for your time well served as a Senior Electronics Engineer and your creative contribution to the Space Age Industry. We are proud and honored to select your 1936 Ford Roadster as our featured car of the Month for April 2016.


Feature Car of the Month


A Model “T” Ride for all Seasons

1927 Model “T” 2 dr sedan. She sports a 289 cubic inch modified V8 for power, with a top loader 4 speed stick tranny on the floor for fun. A tricked out ’67 Corvette C2 rear-end with a carbon fiber mono spring. Delicious brown leather bucket seats up front and a 25 gallon petrol tank hidden under that plush rear seat. Custom electro gauges were added to the dash and she features a Mustang II front-end with disc brakes on all four corners. 18″ tires and custom wheels in the back and 16” up front make for a down the road stance.

I’m told by the owner Mr. Steven K. Bee that the color on this “T” is from a Model “A” and carries a handle of Bronson Yellow on the body and Seal Brown on the fenders. She wears that all-steel roof with class and a Model “A” visor over the front windshield finishes off this ride with a unique look.  A brassy and classy Model ”T” ride for all seasons, rain or shine, Steve brings her out.
Attending Benson Tech High school back in the early sixties Mr. Bee didn’t take the opportunity to participate in any auto shop programs, but he did excel in the Graphic Arts department.  He’s a true Oregonian, born here in Portland some 70 years ago. Steve went on to use his graphic arts background spending most of his adult work history with the Home Builders Association and with Bridgetown Printing Company. He and his wife Joyce make their home out in the Sandy area, where Steve not only built a fantastic ’27  Model “T” boy toy,  but he and his lovely wife also built a beautiful 3,000 square foot retirement home.

In one of his out buildings is a work in progress. His very first car he stole for $60 back in high school, and it’s almost ready for a paint job, after the body off rebuild. Watch for a future story in R&R NW on Steve’s 1931 Model “A” Ford 2 dr. sedan.

Steve is an active member in good standing, with the “Kool Guys Hot Rod Breakfast” meeting every friday morning around 8 a.m. in Carver at the Hangar Restaurant. In addition Steve has been instrumental in helping start the new wednesday “Hump-Day Hot Rods Breakfast” at the Eagle Creek Saloon in Eagle Creek, Oregon. You can see him and his ’27 “T” at both, come rain or come shine. We at R&R NW Publication are excited to make this Model “T” our featured car of the Month for March 2016.


MHRC/The Portland Roadster Show and Local Area Car Clubs Do It Again


The 2015 “Angels on Wheels Toy Run”

Once again the Multnomah Hot Rod Council / Portland Roadster Show and the 19 local street rod and custom car clubs that make up the roster of the MHRC, all participated in the 5th annual Angels on Wheels Christmas Toy Run, all for the kids at Legacy Emanuel/Randall Children’s Hospital on December 12th. A week earlier on December 5th several custom car and bike clubs from the Portland and Vancouver area did their 2015 Kids Toy Run at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and at the Shriners Hospital up on the hill at OHSU.

In addition to the 19 MHRC car clubs that participated in the Angels on Wheels Toy Run, the well-known Mustang Wranglers car club from the Portland area was on hand with hundreds of gifts and are always big supporters. There were three other fantastic car clubs that drove all the way to Portland from the Oregon and Washington coasts to help out.  A special thank you and recognition to the Beach Barons Car Club from Longbeach, the Mid-Night Cruzers  from  the Aberdeen area, and to the Lower Columbia Classics Car Club from Astoria for their generous gifts of toys and their gifts of time and expense to travel all that way for kids at Randell Children’s Hospital.

Just how many toys? Randall Children’s Hospital Director Sally Kirchoff and MHRC chairperson Bryan Fakler estimated, at last count, over 10,000 gifts of toys in every shape, size and color were all brought in time to distribute to hundreds of children at the hospital on Christmas, plus thousands of additional toys for distribution throughout the year. An estimated retail cost of all these toys is over $80,000.

Thanks to all the participating retailers for their generous free gift offerings plus all the stores that participated with their biggest discounts ever.

The people that make up these 19 car clubs are the same special individuals that put on the world class Portland Roadster Show. This year’s show promises to be the biggest and best ever, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the PRS. It is scheduled for March 18-20 at the Portland Expo Center. Yes, the tradition continues with over 300 of the hottest street rods, custom cars, trucks, bikes, and much, much more. Mark your calendar for one of those special attractions that’s coming to the PRS, including a full concert on stage Saturday night by Johnnie Limbo and the Lug Nuts. The MHRC is inviting everyone that’s coming to the concert to join our year-round Angels on Wheels Toy Drive and donate a new toy gift for the kids at Randell Children’s Hospital.
Additional scheduled guests for you to meet and greet are world class car builder and TV personality Chip Foose, Dave Kindig, John D’Agostino and Gene Winfield. You’re all invited to the 60th Portland Roadster Show, where there’s always plenty of parking at the Portland Expo Center.

The staff here at R&R NW Publication would like to thank the MHRC and The Portland Roadster Show and all of the car and bike clubs and hundreds of charitable minded individuals that took part in all of the wonderful toy drives throughout Oregon and Washington over these past many years. Your all to be complimented and congratulated for not only making a lot of little kids mighty happy at Christmas time and through-out the year, but you have given a thumbs up to your individual car and bike clubs image for a positive and charitable job well done. Hope to see all of you at the show.