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Tony and Leona Aragon have quite a story in the history of their two beautiful artistic automobile works of art.

To make the action a little more complete we are adding a delicious 1929 candy blue St Rod Bucket from Larry William’s garage in the Gresham, Oregon area.

This all for the love story begins when Tony Aragon picks up a copy of the want ads promoting cars and trucks from all over the USA. Now if I remember the story correctly Tony’s Grandpa had a 1935 Plymouth 4 dr. that he had spent some time in as a kid rolling around in the back seat, no seat belts required on vehicles back in those days. Well the story goes that low and behold Tony finds a 1935 Dodge 2 dr. sedan listed in the want-ads that, is the car of his dreams. The only problem is the car is located in the state of Florida! Now let’s see Tony and his bride live in Oregon and his dream car is over 3,000 miles away, as the Grow flies, in Florida. Now for those of you that have met Mr. Aragon in person you can testify to the fact that he is some-what of a larger person in statue. He must have kept poor Leona awake tossing and turning in his sleep for the next two weeks just dreaming about that ’35 Dodge as he wanted it so badly. Now the story goes that for Leona to get another night sleep after two weeks of Tony’s sleepless acting out, she finally made the statement,( all of us husbands needed to hear more often) If you love that car so much why don’t you go and get it! What Tony went over 3000 miles to retrieve around ten years ago has turned out to be one fine custom work of automobile artistic wonder.


This 1935 Dodge 2 dr sedan features a 350 Chevy for power, a 350 turbo tranny and a 9” Ford rear-end. The top is deliciously chopped 3 ½ inches and the House of Color Candy Tangerine covers the lower half and Viper Silver covers the chopped top and the upper hood area. They rolled the pan under up front and she sports some baby spot turn signals plus bumpers are history. To enhance the stance 17” American Racing Chrome on the back and 15” up front makes this Mopar a thing of beauty. Speaking of beauty the interior on this show machine is all done in pillow top and over stuffed fine grey and orange leather. Tony grew up in Hollister, Cal and Leona is a true Oregonian and attended Marshall High here in Portland. They have four adult children and seven grandchildren and life has been good to the Aragon Family.

The second custom vehicle sitting in the two car garage at the Aragon family home is non-other than Leona’s creation. Dedicated to the memory of her late father Robert Calhoun who was the recipient of three prestigious Army medals for Valor in the Line of Duty and two Purple Hearts for wounds he received in combat.


1928 Ford Model “A” P.U. St Rod Bucket. For power she sports a ’66 Buick Nailhead 425ci / 450 HP / Turbo 400 Buick 3 speed tranny / 8” Dutchman rear-end. Twin four barrel Elderbrock Carbs feed the power plant. She features chrome baby tear-drop head-lights and a ’32 model B Grill Shell. The stance on this one off beauty is created with 850‘s on the rear and 550’s up front with baby chrome moons coming alive over the yellow accented wheels. The candy blue metallic finish and the white on white leather interior including the white box cover make this a one off joy to behold. Larry Williams is the proud owner of this artistic Street Rod and back in the 60’s he attended Clackamas High School. He now makes his home in the Gresham area. Your 1928 Ford Street Rod is a beauty on wheels and we at R&R NW Publication would like to thank each of our participants in our All for the Love Story for October 2016.


This 1971 Chevy P.U. is all Chevy powered and features a delicious custom interior plus frenched in Cadillac tail-lights a custom one off tail-gate with Chevy logo. Rolled pan and frenched in License Plate. The box is custom covered with super graphics and the Teal Green color on this beauty is fantastic. Things really come alive when you open the hood and the salute and dedication to Leona’s father are witnessed to in the Patriotic Tribute to the Foot Solders plus The Heartbeat of America Chevy Logo in artistic Graphics. The Bumper-less front end sports a tubular grill and the Engine compartment is flawlessly detailed and chromed to perfection. The Leona girl’s dedication to her father really is truly achieved to perfection.

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