2020… What a Year

We are certainly hoping all is well out there in hot rod land. No doubt there were quite a number of readers who were caught up in these fires. The publisher was in the line of fire and evacuated as well. If you are reading this, then we at least got some kind of an issue out. Just that, is an amazing accomplishment during these natural disasters and extreme declining economy.

It appears that it is the Covid condition that is doing the worst damage to the automotive industry. Motorsports will never be the same again. The electric vehicle industry is making major inroads during this time. It looks like we may be entering into a new era of shared ridership where fewer and fewer citizens will actually own their own car.

In the performance sector we are seeing more and more of these EVs running quarter mile ETs in the 9s and showing impressive performance on road courses and places like Pikes Peak. They are coming at us from every angle, that is for sure.

Along these lines, the guys over at Racing Junk have been making some noise about a leaked document from GM concerning the C8 Corvette. It speaks of a hybrid model coming out in 2023 that will feature what they call, eAWD for all-wheel drive. They are saying this one will be the fastest of all time when under full power!

In other news, you know it’s bad when shows like the SEMA show, PRI Show and Drag Week are cancelled. At press time however there is a second Rocky Mountain drag tour scheduled. This will be meant to take the place of the canceled Drag Week. The LS fest was also pulled off. This was a crazy event featuring all kinds of LS powered vehicles involved in all kinds of crazy merriment.

The LS Fest is featured prominently in the new eMagazine put out by Holley. Motor Life Digital Magazine will feature excerpts of the latest in car culture.

Well GearHeads as cool car season winds down, we are certainly wishing the best of luck to those of you who have been affected by this outrageous year of 2020. Sure am hoping there were not too many cool hot rods destroyed by these fires! Do your best to keep on keepin’ on—and stay free.

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