2020 Corvette

GearHeads, by the time you read this we will all have one foot firmly planted into springtime. I for one, am surely looking forward to that. And the day is coming closer when we will all be able to see that awesome, new, mid-engined Corvette.

This month I would like to share with you some comments and factoids that came from a recent conversation between Autoline and Brett Smith, center for automotive research. We don’t know how much more life VW diesels have left in them after the recent VW gate, so to speak. VW is still a powerhouse garnering the most sales out in the world. It appears their counter move is going to involve investing heavily in battery factories. One question is, where in the world will these factories be built?

It looks like the current lithium ion batteries that are in the twelve EV models currently available in the world are not going to cut it. He says a battery breakthrough will be needed. He mention that there are many dozens and dozens of new models coming out. The market will become saturated in the US.

You have to factor in things like cost per kilowatt-hour to evaluate the industry. Hybrids are actually more versatile but they are more expensive to build. Not conducive to American corporations that are thoroughly addicted to the almighty dollar.

He expressed some concerns about the reliability of the EVs. Think about how well your cell phone works. And what happens when the grid goes down?

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