1929 Roadster Pickup

In December 2018, I bought a 29 Roadster Pickup, all stock, and taken apart.  Last December I started working on making a street/drag race Hot Rod out of it.

For the baseline, I bought a reproduction replica, of an original Model A frame, minus the rear section.  In between other projects, this is how far along it has come.  I have been collecting mainly 60s era speed parts, like the Halibrand Championship quick change, floater rear axle, and the Hilborn Fuel Injection.  My Brother Jerry gave me the engine out of his 32 Ford dirt tracker, over 15 years ago. The engine is a 355” Chevy, with 6” rods, JE pistons, Dart “Iron Eagle” heads, and it will run the injector, and a Vertex Magneto, making between 500 and 600 HP, backed up by a Ford Toploader 4 speed.

Between the fenders that came with the package, and the ones that I got from Jim Lindsay, the little truck has some pretty nice sheet metal, and I no plans to paint it very soon. The front axle is a genuine 32 Ford, and will sport Lincoln drum brakes. I built the ladder bars out of thin wall Chromoly tube, that was given to me, by a late friend. The center cross member is an important part of the chassis construction, as you want to limit the chassis flex, when dropping the clutch at 6500 to 7000 rpms.
I am sourcing some small bucket seats, and getting ready to mount the steering and pedals, along with building the headers. It will have a roll bar similar to the one’s shown above. The plan is to have a complete separate engine / trans package to drive it on the street.

With the current world crisis, we are dealing with, our events will get a late start this year but, I am pushing to get it ready for some action sometime this Summer. I hope all is well with you, and looking forward to seeing many of you, this Summer

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